About us

U Golf Academy is an initiative by NTUC Club to promote golf and make the sport more accessible and affordable.

We are located at Orchid Country Club. Satellite training centres and golf outreach events island-wide are in the pipeline. We hope to see you soon!

NTUC Club, the Singapore Golf Association (SGA), and the Singapore Professional Golfers’ Association (SPGA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to promote golf and make the sport accessible to all workers.

The parties hope to grow the golfing community and enhance the golfing experience with a focus on golf for leisure rather than competition.

Following up from the Get Golfing! Induction programme, participants will be encouraged to sign up for structured lessons conducted by
U Golf Academy.

The Academy’s curriculum will focus on basic golfing training, with a roadmap for new golfers to gradually progress to an intermediate and advanced level.

When the Academy trainees are ready to attain a handicap, they will be encouraged to sign up for Orchid Country Club or my golf kaki membership, where their handicap records will be maintained.

Golf ambassadors from SGA and SPGA will engage and motivate new golfers through golfing trials, technology and and new innovations.

nEbO Membership for SGA’s youth golfers

nEbO is the youth membership arm of NTUC run by NTUC Club, which actively reaches out to youths aged 12-25. SGA will tie up with NTUC Club to offer nEbO membership to all eligible youth golfers. Beyond nEbO’s exclusive perks and benefits, members will be given the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and develop their potential through various events and initiatives which sets to better prepare the youths to be work and life-ready workers of tomorrow.


In the pipeline are also outreach programmes to bring golf closer to the community spaces, schools and workplaces via mobile and digital experiences. The affordability and accessibility of the sports would be sustained from the beginning stages of learning to subsequent golf play, and the accompanying equipment and accessories.