Proficiency Certificate & Handicap Test

What is a Proficiency Certificate (PC)?
  • A PC is issued by a Singapore Golf Association-recognised golf academy/golf club to allow new golfers to play on golf courses in order to gain sufficient experience.
  • A PC grants golfers with temporary playing privileges and has an expiry date.
  • Golfers are expected to take the necessary steps to obtain a golf Handicap afterwards.
What is a Courtesy Round (CR)?
  • A CR is the process of going through a 9-hole golf round with an appointed tester.
  • Upon successful completion of the CR, golfers will have to submit score cards.
  • United States Golf Association (USGA) Handicap Index will be generated after submission of sufficient score cards.
What is a Handicap Index (HI)?

A HI is a net score that indicates the golfer’s playing ability derived from a few rounds of golf played.